Unseen Things

There is much in my life that I can’t see just now.  I’ve considered a career change, since I now possess the qualifications to be an art critic……. I’m blind in on eye, and can’t see out of the other.  God is gracious, what limited vision I have I use at work and that is good.  So many things I love have had to be set aside; no reading, no sewing, no handwork, no knitting, no driving and the list goes on.  It occurs to me that I have never really seen this beautiful place we call home, even though we have been here over a year.  Those of you that have seen the few photos I have shared, have seen more of where we live than I have.

This is area has a spirit of adventure and creativity to it like I have never known before.  With that said, I must confess I am both frustrated and challenged in my present circumstances.  I consider myself to be a very visual person, that is how I have defined myself over many years.  This has made me rethink many things.  I have learned that definitions of who or what we are, for me at least, need to be abandoned.  They are limiting, and don’t allow us to achieve to the level that our God given talents would allow.  By defining ourselves in a particular way we might miss something that might have more significance if we would but explore it.  I have learned that life is an amazing puzzle and we need to follow where it leads.

I have also come to recognize that there are many in my world facing their own unseen challenges.  They might not all be medical, but they are nonetheless unseen.  Many of these people are roll models that I wish to follow.  Many are strong, amazing men and women who have risen above much, and with joy, wisdom, and compassion reach out to ‘do’ for others. It doesn’t mean that they don’t have their moments of anguish and apprehension, but on balance they remain a positive force.  I have learned through all of this that before I become critical of someone’s actions, or inaction that I need to consider that there may be unseen things at work in their world that is having an impact on what I am seeing.

I have also learned that each day is a gift from God and needs to be treated as such.  I need to maximize each one and not take it or the people I encounter for granted.

Tonight is difficult for me.  Tomorrow I have a date with the eye surgeon.  As God wills, my sight in my left eye may be restored, or not.  Each day is a gift!  God is gracious.

If there are errors in this post, they will stand, because frankly I can’t see exactly what I have written.  Thank you for your understanding.  May God bless you.

This is the last photo that I took.  My son requested a picture of the butterflies in the garden, and I don't even know if any were captured here.
This is the last photo that I took. My son requested a picture of the butterflies in the garden, and I don’t even know if any were captured here.

Welcome to My Cozy Place

Hi!  For those that don’t me, my name is PJ Thompson.  I live in the Thirteenth Country Mile where creativity abounds and the adventure begins.  I hope that here I can share some thoughts , ideas, projects, crafts and creations (like my teddy bears).  This is an adventure in and of itself.  I’d like to thank my daughter, Elizabeth Warner, and my other ‘daughter’, Katie Connelly, for their encouragement, faith and technical support without which this never would have happened.  There are so many strong and creative women that I have encountered over the years that I want to embrace and share with (there some great guys out there too).
Elizabeth and I were talking one day and she pointed out that the best times, the greatest creativity, the most fun and best conversations occur when we are in our comfy, cozy place.  That is what I want this to be.  Please visit often and share.  you are special to me.

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